Help ease your employees’ financial concerns and improve production.

It’s a proven fact that financial hardships reduce the amount of production in the workforce. They also increase absenteeism - this makes sense. After all, how can employees fully focus on doing their jobs when overwhelming debt, foreclosure issues or debt collectors are distracting them?

You could avoid these costly issues by offering a benefit that would help solve your employees’ financial problems, ease their minds, and make them more productive again. The benefit is KOFE.

Employees can choose from a wide array of financial self-help tools such as videos and publications, or they can contact a qualified financial coach by calling or submitting a question online for immediate help. KOFE can also customize a seminar or webinar according to your employees’ needs.

Some of the issues KOFE provides assistance on include:

  • How to read credit reports
  • Budgeting
  • Credit card best practices
  • Debt management
  • Identity theft awareness

Find out how your employees’ financial concerns are impacting your bottom line by using our unique Productivity Calculator. It determines the price you are paying for financial matters that can be solved with the help of our financial coaches and tools.

To learn more about how KOFE can benefit you and the financial well-being of your employees, call us at 844-485-4220 or click here to schedule a free demonstration with a KOFE representative.

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