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Do you remember the days when sending kids back-to-school was easy—a few pens and pencils, some notebooks, a binder and hand-me-down clothes from older brothers and sisters? Unfortunately the days of sending the kids back to school without a hassle seem long gone. Now it seems like every class has a list of special supplies, your kids can’t possibly face their friends if they’re not wearing $100 jeans and, of course, they need the latest and greatest cell phone, laptop and tablet for “school work.” How is a family living on a limited budget supposed to get by? If high back-to-school costs are sending you to the poor house, Consolidated Credit can help. We’ve put together this helpful infographic showing the series budget challenges you’ll face this year. We also provide tips on making the added costs work within your budget.

Why you shouldn’t put your wedding on plastic
Stop the presses: weddings are expensive.  According to, the average price tag sits at just over $30,000.  That’s right, for the amount of money that some people earn over the course of an entire year, you can enjoy an “average-priced” wedding.

The gargantuan price tag can grow even bigger, depending on how you pay for your nuptials.  Your wedding bills might add up to $30,000, but if you pay with credit, you will be paying a lot more.  This is because of the sky-high interest rates on credit cards.  The longer you take to pay everything off, the more you’ll end up spending in the long run.  You could be paying off your wedding for the next decade if you’re only making minimum payments on the debts incurred.

The infographic below is designed to help you understand what the real cost of your wedding will be if you put all or part of the costs on a credit card. We also show you how much you’ll pay if you commit to paying down your debt within certain periods of time instead of just relying on your minimum payment schedule.  Seeing the cold, hard numbers will help you hatch a plan that will give you the wedding you want without a heavy burden of debt.

Remember, if expenses leave you in a bind with credit card debt, we can help. Call Consolidated Credit today at 1-888-287-8506 or complete a budget analysis online and receive a free evaluation with a trained credit counselor.  We can figure out a way to get you the leg up that you need in order to conquer your debt.

Personal finance is a topic you are either comfortable speaking about or you are not. The unfortunate reality is – many Canadians do not feel confident about their finances. How do we know this? The Canadian Capability Survey revealed only 43 per cent of men vs. 31 per cent of women says they are financially literate. So what does this mean? It means Canadians have a lot of learning to do with respect to their finances! Nevertheless, there is always a chance to improve your financial literacy. See our infographic for tips to help you increase your financial literacy!