There’s less than a week before the premiere of the fifth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones on April 6, 2014. Such high stakes action and drama makes for some amazing television. But if your financial outlook resembles the highs and lows seen in the show then it’s probably not so entertaining.

The economic uncertainty of the past few years has left us all with a feeling that winter is coming… or more correctly, it’s already here with no end in sight. So are you a financial Lion who always pays your debts or are you more like a Wolf where everything is in the red?

Our latest infographic uses the main houses of the hit show to define four basic positions you can have on the road to financial success. We go on to recommend the best debt solutions for each house, so whether you’re a Stag or a Dragon, you can get ahead.

And remember, if you need an ally, we’ve been in the game for years and helped over half a million people find the right strategy. Call us today or request a Free Debt Analysis.