Tips and tricks for renting cars without breaking your vacation bank.

Using your income-to-expense ratio to ensure you have a stable financial house.

As we explain in the video, most debts don’t require extra effort to manage.

Tips for using credit cards for your vacation without incurring debt.

College students learn financial conservation techniques, credit skills and more.

Discover hassle-free budget building concepts combined with money saving techniques.

Create a new spending and saving plan and protect your future.

Craft a spending plan and avoid debt during the holidays.

This booklet shows you some places and ways to save your money.
Here you go a short list of them:

Passbook Account
Statement account
Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)
Cashable GIC’s
Accelerated rate GIC’s
Stock indexed GIC’s
Compare Chequing Accounts

At Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, Inc. we often hear questions and concerns about taxes from the consumers we counsel. This brochure covers five tax topics that come up frequently:

Saving Money on Taxes
Lending Money to the government (through refunds)
Rapid Refunds
Taxes and Settled Debts
When you Can’t Pay Revenue Canada