How to build and maintain a stable financial house.

This video teaches you how to be more strategic about managing your debt, which helps you avoid late payments and default that can damage your credit score.

Start building credit effectively while avoiding actions that could set you back. Learn how you can achieve the high score you want.

From managing your debt in normal circumstances, to enrolling in a debt management program if you’re having trouble, we tell you what you need to know.

By analyzing and adjusting your budget, you create flexible and stable financial outlook.

Air travel tips for calculating out the value of frequent flier miles and other smart ways to save.

With the right budget categories, it’s easy to cut back and stay on track.

Be penny wise when it comes to saving and avoid pound foolish actions that lead to debt.

Helping you get through the holiday shopping season without debt.

How to shop smart for the holidays to avoid a holiday debt hangover.