Join Consolidated Canada’s Executive Director, Jeff Schwartz, as he demystifies the workings of debt management programs. Discover how these programs can potentially reduce your total payments by 30 to 50% and learn about the free debt analysis offered by Consolidated Credit. This video is a must-watch for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of managing debt effectively.

How to use credit without abusing it and causing debt problems.

We break down some key basics so you can understand how credit card debt works, how interest adds up, and what you can do to avoid problems.

Not sure if you need credit counselling? We take a minute to tell you what it is and why you need it if you are struggling to regain control over your debt.

Great tips on how to fix your credit for free.

Using the right strategy for your credit cards helps you avoid any hassle and stay on budget. Learn the eight ways Smart Spenders use credit responsibly so you can be a Smart Spender, too!

Understanding who can check your credit report and when.