Elevate your financial skill level using a variety of tools.

KOFE’s financial tools maximize the consumer’s learning experience by providing options that match their preferences. They can choose online or offline tools and learn from the comfort of their home or in a classroom-style atmosphere.

Each person is different, but every individual receives industry-proven methods that optimize their financial education. Our tools ensure that regardless of how a consumer learns, or at what pace they learn, they will have the opportunity to improve their finances.

Consumers can choose from these financial tools offered by KOFE:

Use financial tools in your home


The KOFE financial publication series contains a library of 28 publications and growing.


KOFE’s substantial library offers dozens of financial educational videos


KOFE’s qualified financial coaches provide live seminars at your organization or online webinars in a comfortable classroom style setting. Subjects vary on a wide range of financial topics.

Interactive Courses

Courses currently focus on credit card usage and effective money management techniques. KOFE plans on increasing the number of interactive courses in the near future. These courses offer an immediate learning experience and flexibility.

Educational Coaching

All educational coaches at KOFE are qualified financial experts. They deliver professional advice on a wide variety of topics such as reading credit reports, budgeting techniques and more. They are available whenever a consumer requires assistance.

Educational coaches answer your questions

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