Test your financial knowledge.

KOFE produces dynamic interactive courses that challenge and motivate clients and employees. Their titles, such as “Become a Credit Score Master” and content are entertaining, but provide relevant and detailed advice and information.

Clients and employees are tested multiple times during each course. This added bonus provides immediate feedback and each person can also gauge the level at which they’re learning as the course progresses.

Our growing number of interactive courses include:

Employees taking interactive courses
  • A Shrine to Your Credit: This course concentrates on credit reports. Learn what a credit report is, what it contains and how creditors and lenders use it to assess your risk as a borrower.
  • Keeping Your Credit Shrine Clean: This provides the necessary steps you must take to dispute mistakes on your credit report.
  • Building a Well-Fortified Budget: This explains how to categorize your expenses and balance your income against your financial obligations.

Another benefit provided by KOFE is that each course can be taken from any location. This flexibility allows clients and employees the opportunity to learn at any time during the day or night.

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