Make a difference to your clients

You can become the benefits provider that makes a difference in the financial health and well-being of the clients, and their employees that you serve. Simply contact KOFE.

KOFE offers financial education and coaching. Financial issues such as credit card debt, housing costs, identity theft issues and more distract employees. This distraction decreases work productivity because employees find concentrating on their jobs nearly impossible.

As a result, your client’s bottom line suffers. By teaming with KOFE, you can prevent this from occurring. KOFE’s variety of financial publications, videos, seminars and webinars guide employees toward better money management skills and more productivity.

KOFE also employs qualified financial coaches that employees can call or submit online questions for easy assistance. Our coaches counsel and identify customized solutions to fit each employees’ specific needs.

To monetize the amount that financial issues are costing your clients, and to highlight the value KOFE provides, use our Productivity Calculator. It clearly shows the effect financial hardships have on a company’s bottom line.

To learn more about how you can become the benefits provider that makes a difference to your clients and their employees, call us at 844-485-4220 or click here for a demo.

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