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Seminars and Webinars

KOFE’s financial coaches can help your employees and clients maximize their financial expertise with live webinars or on-location seminars. Learn identity protection skills, create budgets, improve retirement planning or rebuild your credit – at your computer or in a relaxing classroom-style atmosphere.

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Financial Tools

Clients and employees can choose from an array of tools depending on their preference. From publications to videos or personal conversations, these options encourage learning at a gradual pace. They also provide the comfort and ease-of-use that enriches the educational experience.

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Financial Coaching

KOFE only employs qualified financial coaches who are available full-time when employees and clients require assistance. They deliver customized advice on budgeting, reading credit reports and several other personal financial matters. Needs vary, and our coaches tailor solutions that fit those needs.

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Interactive Courses

Our interactive courses offer flexibility and immediate feedback. Clients and employees can take financial education courses from any location and evaluate their educational experience once they finish the test at the end of the course. KOFE’s friendly user-experience also improves learning retention.

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Client Reviews

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