Improve customer relations, increase business and improve workforce productivity.

Financial institutions, employers and EAPs and benefit providers partner with KOFE because our financial tools and services give them an edge. No other provider combines financial coaching and education in such a seamless format.

Employers partnering with financial coach

Financial Institutions

Clients will receive valuable lessons on financial issues that enlighten them and make them more responsible with their money. With this education, they are more likely to become better candidates for loans, credit cards and investments.

Employers and EAPs

Once employees receive the financial knowledge, services and personal help they desire, they can focus on their job. This increases productivity and lowers absenteeism rates. Don’t let their stressful financial issues hurt your bottom line. Get them the assistance they need.

Benefit Providers

Team with KOFE and become the benefit provider that offers financial education products and personal coaching. When employees become distracted by financial issues, they don’t perform at their optimal level. That prevents your client’s business from achieving peak production. You can make a difference with KOFE.

There is no guessing or confusion. KOFE presents their educational products online or in person. Employees, customers and clients alike become better money managers because our efficient, dynamic and helpful resources are at their disposal.

The bottom line is: KOFE benefits the people you’re trying to reach. And your bottom line will benefit as well. Contact KOFE today.

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Financial hardship is the number one reason for low productivity and absenteeism at work, see the cost.

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