Achieve success with our specialized financial tools.

Every person learns at a different rate. They also desire a variety of tools, which makes the learning process not only efficient but entertaining as well. That’s why the tools KOFE provides have been so successful in the past.

Individuals can select from four different choices. They can use the financial tools separately or in tandem. They can also learn from anywhere they choose: from their home, or perhaps at a favourite coffee shop.

Financial tools help save money

KOFE brings the learning experience to you. We offer:


Qualified financial coaches provide live educational seminars at your place of business or online. They can adjust the subject material to fit your needs.

Interactive courses

These courses offer flexibility and the chance for anyone to learn at their own rate. Consumers can also personalize their subjects, so they get the most out of this tool.


With over 100 financial videos at their disposal, consumers can pick and choose the subjects that will solve their problems. They can also watch at any time.


Our publications cover a wide variety of financial issues. They are a go-to tool that focus on everything from credit report evaluation to home buying matters.

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